Smartsuit Pro

Motion Capture Prototype played a core role developing the first prototypes for the motion capture suit now known as Smartsuit Pro.

The product is a suit that allows to capture motion data using intertial motions sensors (IMU's).

The task was to create a motion capture solution that was simple to setup and cheaper than traditional solutions, and it needed to support actors standing in front of each other. Rokoko, the company behind Smartsuit Pro, had been using traditional computer-vision based motion capture setups for their remote live animated childrens theater, that they toured with at the time. They struggled with an expensive and complex system. Alternative setups such as using the Microsoft kinect were not stable enough in use and didn't have the level of detail needed.

We first developed a proof of concept prototype using multiple arduinos with IMU's strapped to the body with velcro, and a Raspberry Pi in a backpack. Later prototypes were wireless and had custom hardware and 3D printed attachments sewn into a proper bodysuit.

The prototypes were developed in collaboration with Jens Christian Hilleup and the Open Source consulting agency Bit Blueprint.

Software for the original protypes is available open source at

Our prototypes helped the company secure initial investment, and the product has since matured into what is today a major commercial success.

The Smartsuit Pro is available from

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