BULLITT x ViscoSet

The CNE32 Allows you to use the ViscoSet from CANE CREEK USA on the Larry VS Harry BULLITT bicycle.

Weight: 33g


  • S.H.I.S. ZS44/28.6
  • BULLITT 2nd gen threaded fork
  • CANE CREEK interlok

The part is designed specifically for the ViscoSet, but it may also be used with other headsets. I wont guarantee it, but if it has a similar stack height it should fit. If it has a lower stack height it should fit with a spacer. For higher stack heights just be observant that the thread engagement in the fork provides sufficient mechanical support.

#Link to this heading How to order

Price: 68 EUR including VAT for european customers, 56 EUR for international export excluding customs and duties.

510 DKK inkl. moms for Danish customers.

Untill I get a fancy checkout integrated in this website. You can order through the following Stripe payment links:

Please note you need to order the headset assembly seperately and the cone comes without the wedge and bolt for mounting, you need to use the ones from the stock headset.

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